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Jaidah Group

Information last updated on 20 October 2023



Family Name:


Founder’s Name:

Ibrahim Yousef Jaidah and his sons[1]

Earliest Documented Business Name:

Ibrahim Yousef Al Jaidah & Sons[2]

Founding Year:


Founding Location:



Current Operating Status:


Family Business Name:

Jaidah Group

Headquarters Location:

Doha, Qatar[4]

Key Industries:

Real estate, energy, heavy equipment, automotive, electrical, and industrial supplies.[5]

Number of Employees:


About the Co-Founders


Ibrahim Yousef Jaidah was born into a prominent Qatari family, members of which had served as British political agents (representatives or intermediaries of the British colonial administration at the time) and were active in trade.[7] Ibrahim began his business career as an entrepreneurial merchant with a fleet of vessels.[8] He had a small pearl diving business in Doha and occasionally embarked on trade trips to India.[9]


In 1898, Ibrahim and his sons established a business specializing in the import of merchandise from India and Persia to the region that encompasses modern-day Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.[10] The group’s initial focus was on essential commodities, including foodstuffs.[11]


With the onset of the First World War, Qatar formally became a British protectorate, linking its economy increasingly to global developments.[12] The war led to economic hardship for Doha, which was exacerbated in the 1920s with the collapse of the pearl trade.[13]


Over the course of that decade and the following one, Ibrahim slowly transitioned leadership of the family business to his sons. They continued the tradition of trade with India and, despite the volatile economic conditions, Ibrahim’s sons were able to modernize the business portfolio, diversifying into new trade fields such as electrical goods, appliances, and perfumes.[14] Members of the Jaidah family’s third and fourth generations, who would later become involved in the family business in various capacities, were born during this period: Khalil Jaidah in 1923, Mohammed Jaidah around the same time, Jassim Mohammed Jaidah in 1938, and Ali Al Jaidah in 1941.[15]

Growth Phase


Oil exports began from Qatar in 1949, leading to dramatic economic advancements over the subsequent decades.[16] The Jaidah family were heavily involved in multiple sectors of the oil industry, holding a variety of leadership positions at OPEC.[17] Paralleling the oil boom, the family business experienced tremendous growth in its operations.[18]


In 1965, one of Ibrahim’s grandsons, Jassim Jaidah, established Jaidah Motors & Trading Company (JMTC) as a Chevrolet dealer and exclusive distributor.[19] The family established Trags Electrical Engineering & Air Conditioning Co in 1974, focusing on electromechanical and plumbing contracting as well as civil contracting for major construction projects. The following year, they expanded into still more new sectors with the creation of Medgulf Construction WLL Co., with business lines ranging from civil and electromechanical contracting for oil and gas projects, water treatment plants, roads, and buildings to steel structure manufacture, pipeline installation, painting works, and repair and maintenance services. In 1976, the family established Jaidah Technology, which specializes in the distribution of information technology equipment, telecommunication infrastructure development, and consulting services, as well as the distribution of safety and security machinery.[20]


In reaction to the global financial crisis of 2009, many Qatari family businesses began transitioning into public companies. Jaidah Group chose to remain family-owned and run but underwent structural transformations, prioritizing long-term growth over immediate returns.[21] As part of this evolution, J&A Jaidah Holdings was established.[22]


In 2015, Jaidah Holding acquired the Gritti Palace luxury hotel in Venice, Italy, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Nozul Real Estate.[23] The company conducts its automotive business through Jaidah Automotive, the company’s vehicle division. Jaidah Automotive—successor to JMTC—remains the sole distributor of Chevrolet vehicles, as well as Isuzu vehicles, in Qatar, selling the cars through its four showrooms in the country.[24]



Today, both Jaidah Group and J&A Jaidah Holding are headquartered in Doha, Qatar.[25] With over 5,000 employees, the business is led by members of both the third and fourth generations. Jassim Jaidah is chairman, and Mohamed Jassim Mohamed serves as key principal and group executive director. [26]


The family business has grown into one of Qatar’s largest diversified conglomerates. The Jaidah Group operates primarily in the automotive sector, with business lines that include the distribution, repair, and maintenance of passenger vehicles; distribution of construction and electrical machinery and equipment; interior design services; and furniture distribution. Jaidah Holding encompasses more than 15 subsidiaries that operate across the sectors of real estate, energy and engineering, and hospitality.[27] Outside of Qatar, the family business has a presence in over 30 countries.[28]



Photo Credit: Jaidah Group Main Office. Source: Jaidah Group


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