A collaborative research project between New York University Abu Dhabi and Tharawat Family Business Forum

Case Studies

Jashanmal Group (1919)

Almajdouie Group (1965)

NCA-Rouiba (1966-2019)

Our case studies cover histories of MENASA leading family businesses

The Family Business Histories case studies are a series of publications that delve into the stories of selected leading family businesses in the MENASA region. Based on oral history interviews, the series currently spreads over the span of six countries, and the research covers a combined 531 years of business histories, where the oldest family business was founded in 1919.

Research scope

Understand the History

1. The Founder

Exploring the biographical background of the Family Business Founder

Highlight the Legacy

2. Founding Years

Capturing entrepreneurial journey early challenges and opportunities encountered

Preserve the Heritage

3. Historical Context

Contextualizing the business history in the wider economic and political environment

Preserve the Heritage

4. Next Generations

The integration of next generations of family members into the family business

The Checklist

Download our step-by-step guide on how to document the history of your family business. This checklist provides guidance to business families looking to capture and safeguard their entrepreneurial history and commercial legacy.