A collaborative research project between New York University Abu Dhabi and Tharawat Family Business Forum

Intergenerational Entrepreneurship in Algeria: NCA-Rouiba


Our publications consist of a series of case studies which explore the historical evolution of selected leading family businesses in the MENASA region.

The historical narratives shed a light on the businesses’ multi-generational quest for longevity in spite of internal and contextual challenges.

In this webinar, we presented the third case study in the series, conducted with NCA-Rouiba (1966 – 2019). Family enterprises in Algeria have overcome many challenges since the country’s independence. In this webinar, we will present the third case study in our series, conducted with NCA-Rouiba. The company was founded by Salah Othmani and his father, Mohamed Saïd, in 1966 as Nouvelle Conserverie Algérienne (NCA), only four years after the country gained independence. Surviving years of economic and political instability, NCA-Rouiba has become the leading food processing company in the region, and the Rouiba brand of canned fruit juice is widely known in Algeria and neighboring countries.



Family Business Histories in the MENASA Region

Farida El-Agamy, Tharawat Family Business Forum

Martin Klimke, NYUAD 



Slim Othmani, Former Chairman, NCA-Rouiba

Panel Discussion

Conversation with Slim Othmani

Farida El-Agamy, Tharawat Family Business Forum

Martin Klimke, NYUAD