A collaborative research project between New York University Abu Dhabi and Tharawat Family Business Forum

Family Heritage | The Nehmeh Group and How History Shapes the Future


Nehmeh is a trading and manufacturing group of companies focused on providing industrial solutions with its roots dating back to 1955 in Doha, Qatar by its Lebanese founder Antoine Nehme. Following their slogan “We treasure the past. We celebrate the present. We embrace the future.” Nehmeh has made impressive efforts to preserve their history as part of their family legacy and corporate identity.

We were delighted to welcome Alexander A. Nehme, who shared Nehmeh’s journey, and gave insights on how he captured his family’s entrepreneurial history. Alexander shared the founder’s beginnings, leaving Lebanon in 1953 to seek new opportunities in the Gulf and how the knowledge and wisdom from this journey shapes the family business until today.

The session allowed our participants to actively engage in a conversation around family legacies and how documenting family business history can impact future generations and change how we lead.



Family Business Histories in the MENASA Region

Farida El-Agamy, Tharawat Family Business Forum

Martin Klimke, NYUAD 


Nehmeh Group – Introduction

Alexander Nehme, Partner & Board Member, Nehmeh

panel Discussion

Conversation with Alexander Nehme

Farida El-Agamy, Tharawat Family Business Forum

Martin Klimke, NYUAD